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OKAY LUCY is a bespoke ice cream destination located in the heart of Mornington. Scooping the most delectable small batch gelato delights, its near impossible to choose your favourite flavour! Oh and did I mention there's Nutella sauce on tap?! Nothing better than a sunny day in Mornington and an OKAY LUCY gelato treat. Well worth a day trip adventure to taste for yourself what the fuss is all about. You won't regret it....I promise!

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Founded by creative visionary Stevie Dellamarta, OKAY LUCY blends the best of the Mornington Peninsula through fresh gelato + fresh experience. Vending all your favourites, LUCY is available 24/7. When her doors aren’t open, the vending machine is! Located outside OKAY LUCY.

786 Esplanade, Mornington VIC.


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0402 085 355

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