5 Reasons to make your bed every day

Have you made your bed today?

Does making your bed each day feel like one of those boring, mundane ‘what’s the point’ tasks that you often procrastinate doing?

It may be small, but packs a big punch and has many positive effects. And best of all it only takes two minutes!

If you want to master your day, master your morning!

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should make your bed every day.

  1. Starting the day with at least one simple ‘chore’ already done and dusted creates a more positive attitude and can help you take the rest of the day’s challenges in your stride. It will kick start a chain of other good decisions throughout the day and give you a sense of taking charge.
  2. As the bed is the focal point of the bedroom, when it’s made, the whole room looks tidier, and becomes more relaxing and less stressful as a result. Just think how you feel when you stay at a hotel? When you enter the room and its tidy, you feel calm and look forward to going to bed.
  3. Having a tidy sleep environment, according to sleep researchers, makes for a more restful sleep.
  4. Making your bed can have a huge positive impact on your overall lifestyle. Developing a good habit promotes other good habits and can actually make you more productive. Actioning small things can help you regain your focus and feel less overwhelmed.
  5. You’ll also thank yourself in advance for going home to a tidy bedding set up. It shifts your mood to relaxed, instead of being welcomed by the chaos you may have left behind that morning.

So, rather than jumping out of bed and leaving behind a space filled with procrastination and unmade decisions, implement a new habit and make your bed TODAY….and every day!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your bedroom clutter and would like some non-judgemental support that will help you implement simple daily strategies + routines to keep you on top of things, then please do not hesitate to reach out and book in a FREE 15 minute phone consultation with me.

Make sure you keep an eye out on my Instagram and Facebook pages for more tips and tricks to help you stay organised and clutter free.

Danielle x




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