This week I had the pleasure of chatting with Natasha Swingler, the face of viral social media account @EffectiveSpaces and world renowned gift wrapping expert.

A little bit about Natasha..

Originally from the UK, I moved out to Australia in 2004 where I met Gavin, an Irishman (typical)!!  We have two boys Joey (3) and Benji (1) not forgetting our loveable Labrador, Archie.  Like you, I am passionate about saving people time and money, which led me to launching my professional organising business, Effective Spaces. I also provide my gift wrapping expertise to individuals and small businesses.

Why we love Effective Spaces..

Have you been wanting to create a more professional look when it comes to gift wrapping, but don’t know where to start? Look no further…. The face of the viral social media account @effectivespaces and world-renowned gift wrapping superstar, Natasha recently launched her virtual Gift Wrapping Guide…just in time for Christmas! In her virtual masterclass you’ll learn essential skills to wrap like a pro, along with fool proof wrapping methods that will save you time, paper + money! Boom! Do yourself a favour and head over to Natasha’s instagram @effectivespaces for some seriously awesome folding and wrapping tutorials that will blow your mind. Genius

How did your idea or concept to launch your virtual wrapping guide come about?

I started my social media account in 2020, prior to this I wasn’t active on social media and had no idea the impact it could have. I was totally overwhelmed by just how many people would enjoy my folding, organising and gift wrapping tutorials.  Planning my online gift wrapping course took about 7 months.  Due to demand, I knew I needed to provide a platform so that people could enjoy tutorials filmed in real time.  There are now over 30 tutorials and I walk through each one step by step, allowing you to pause and re-watch tutorials whenever you like.  Many years ago I used to design and make cards for both individuals and for events.  I saw the impact a beautiful creation could have on someone and started to incorporate this into my own gift wrapping.  That’s where it all started.

What services do you offer your clients aside from gift wrapping?

In addition to gift wrapping workshops which I offer 1:1 and group sessions (both in person and online) I also provide professional organising services.  From pantry makeovers and wardrobe edits, to garage overhauls.

I have been a huge fan of yours for a few years now, and have watched your business evolve on Social Media during the multiple Melbourne lockdowns. No doubt you have invested many hours of hard work behind the scenes to hone your wrapping skills. What have been some of your challenges?

You are so kind Danielle and I want to thank you for all of your support.  Due to the multiple lockdowns we have experienced here in Melbourne I had to return to my old workplace and I was very lucky to be able to return full time.  Sooo…. after I put the boys to bed, that’s when the wrapping fun begins! I often film into the early hours of the morning however that’s not the challenge. My challenge is actually filming the content. Getting the lighting right and setting up camera angles etc, doesn’t come naturally to me like wrapping does. It can be frustrating and time consuming to get the end result.

Before launching your business, what were you doing for work?

Prior to launching my business I worked for the Entertainment Book and have worked for them for 16 years.

Who are your clients?

I work with an array of clients.  Busy families who need assistance setting up systems to save them time, people who are downsizing, and individuals who simply need a little guidance and help with decluttering their spaces.

On the gift wrapping front, I work with brands to provide them with bespoke gift wrapping concepts. I also perform group training sessions for corporate businesses, International brands and individuals who want to perfect their gift wrapping techniques.  My online course is open to everyone and is perfect if you want to learn how to measure paper correctly, tie the perfect bow, get to grips with wrapping awkward shapes, build and wrap hampers and so much more.

What’s your favourite wrapping technique?

Gosh, I couldn’t say I have one, however I think a beautiful bow immediately adds an element of luxury to a gift so I would have to say I would pick a bow technique over an individual wrap.

And lastly, 5 fun facts about you…

  1. Your go-to comfort binge show? Grace and Frankie (Netflix) just love it
  2. Fave song that never fails to get you on the dancefloor? Build Me Up ButterCup
  3. My perfect day would start with……and end with? Coffee, a good book
  4. Your first ever job was? Working in a confectionary kiosk at an Entertainment centre
  5. One thing on my bucket list is? Write a book….watch this space!

Thanks a million for sharing a little insight into your fabulous business Natasha. I can’t wait to watch your wrapping tutorials and hone my skills in time for Christmas!

Do yourself a favour and head over to Natasha’s instagram @effectivespaces for some seriously awesome folding and wrapping tutorials that will blow your mind. So inspiring! The Wrapping Guide can be purchased via You will be wrapping like a pro in no time!

Happy wrapping!

Oh, and don’t forget…recommendations are my jam, if it’s got the Scout Stamp of Approval, you’re in safe hands. Head over to my Little Black Book now to connect with small businesses, caterers, freelancers and other fabulous creative types.

Danielle x


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