I recently caught up with my beautiful friend Clair Hill to chinwag about her coaching workshops and how she empowers her clients to embrace their fears and kick goals in life.

A little bit about Clair…

Clair Hill is a Holistic Counsellor, Psychic-Medium, Theta Healer, Reiki Practitioner and Crystal Practitioner. Her work and Spiritual Philosophies are based on teachings by Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Gabby Bernstein and Rebecca Campbell, Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton. Clair teaches you how to align with your higher self so you can be the truest expression of your soul. She is passionate about empowering spiritual people to live their lives in the most authentic way. Clair teaches others how to step into their fears and grow into the best version of themselves.

Why we love Clair?

Where do we even begin!! Clair is a rockstar wife, mum, sister, aunt, friend, Spiritual Coach and Intuitive Guide. Clair lives and breathes her holistic passions. Her kindness and genuine compassion in helping others kick goals in life is infectious. Clair’s ‘Soul Path Sessions’ will have you uncovering your personal energy leaks so you can say goodbye to brain fog and hello to confidence in your future energetic focus. In a nutshell, Clair teaches humans how to love ‘being’ and ‘becoming’ the fullest expression of themselves. ‘The Spiritual Diaries’ Podcast has some sensational nuggets of wisdom….well worth a listen!

How did your idea or concept to start your coaching business come about?

My coaching business came about after I had been doing psychic/mediumship readings and I really felt the need to dig deep into the belief systems of why people were coming to me for a reading. I wanted to dive into why they didn’t have any self belief that they could reach their goals eg find a loving relationship or buy the house or fulfil their dreams. I knew they had learned beliefs that were stopping them. So I completed a certificate in coaching and my Masters in Counselling and now I use all the knowledge I have gained to have powerful conversations with clients to shift their energy from the old way to the new aligned way.

Who are your clients?

Mums and Women who are ready to dive into themselves – mind and body.

Tell me a bit about your Soul Path Sessions?

My 2 hour intuitive guided zoom sessions are designed for the overwhelmed mum that believes being highly sensitive is draining and wants to regain and recharge her energy. Oracle cards are implemented to peel back the layers and uncover personal energy leaks. We then build a Personal Energy Plan to create strong boundaries to harness your energy and regain your power. You will feel supported and empowered every step of the way.

What free resources do you offer your community?

I frequently host Instagram lives to check in with my community and to share info that is relevant to what is going on collectively. You can also access free mindfulness meditations and affirmations for kids via my website.

Before launching your coaching business, what were you doing for work?

Omg what wasn’t I doing?! My last job was looking after the admin side of my husband’s landscaping business. Let’s just say it was super busy, especially as we scaled the business 3 times! Prior to getting married and starting a family I was a flight attendant, and also worked in a marketing admin role which was where I first met Danielle! We bonded over Bon Jovi Karaoke at the staff Christmas party!

Tell me about some of the guests you’ve hosted on your Spiritual Diaries Podcast?

I try and mix it up with the guests that I have on the podcast…a little spirit, a little life and lots of laughs. Kristina Furia and Gorgi Coghlan were some great guests I enjoyed interviewing. I love their vibe.

How can new clients contact you to book your services?

Instagram @clairhillcoaching_ or via my website

And lastly, 5 fun facts about you…

  1. Your go-to comfort binge show?

Schitts Creek

  1. Your last meal on earth would be?

Scallops for entree

Tacos for main

Sticky Date Pudding with cream and ice cream for dessert

  1. My perfect day would start with……and end with….

Me asking myself – “What do I need today?” And being guided to the answer. Sometimes it’s rest and walk, watch some Netflix, cook, journal, meditation.

  1. Your first ever job was?

I worked at a service station ???????? pumping petrol.

  1. One thing on my bucket list is…..

Writing a book for Empaths/Super Feelers and Super Responders and also for children who are Empaths.

Thank you so much Clair, we loved chatting with you today and hearing how you empower busy women to live their most authentic lives.

To be in the know of Clair’s upcoming workshops and courses, head over to

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Danielle x
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