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Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to one of my Little Black Book faves…the gorgeous Michaela Fox, founder of Girls Thriving.

A little bit about Girls Thriving…

Girls Thriving offers parents of daughters relatable insight and guidance on how to raise confident girls – from everyday opportunities for connection to tricky times and girl challenges. Girls Thriving is committed to providing practical support, tools and tips to empower young girls and support their parents.
Through online programs and connection events, Girls Thriving helps girls navigate the often turbulent tween and teen years to become confident, calm and connected adults. We help girls THRIVE.

Why we love Girls Thriving…

As a mum of two little girls, and sibling to three sisters, I’ve been fortunate to grow up surrounded by strong, independent girls. Girls Thriving is a terrific resource offering trusted advise and support for mums and daughters navigating all things tween and everything in-between! Their Little Pick-Me-Up affirmation cards make the perfect pressie to brighten the day of a special little lady in your life.

Thank you, Michaela, for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with me today. Tell everyone a little bit about yourself….

Thanks for having me, Danielle! A little bit about me…

My name is Michaela Fox and I am a mother, writer, creator, blogger and social media manager (the order of which depends on the day!). I am also a massive book nerd, podcast junkie and I am just a bit (OK, a lot) addicted to stationery and chocolate. I am happiest when I am with my big, noisy, extended family and I am very lucky to have four fabulous sisters! I love having so many inspiring women in my #girlsquad.

How did your idea or concept to start GIRLS THRIVING come about?

Girls Thriving is my latest passion project. I had been sharing the nuanced experiences of early motherhood over on my parenting blog, Not Another Slippery Dip, for about seven years. And then my girls got older and I realised that the shape of those experiences changed. I wanted to create a place online where mums of daughters, from tots to teens, could find helpful resources and information on raising girls, with a particular emphasis on the tween years. I believe that girls today have it much harder than we did in many ways. They have pressures on them that previous generations have never had to deal with. Social Media, Anxiety, Bullying – these are just a few of the issues that parents raising a new generation of girls are dealing with.

Who is your audience?

My primary audience is mums of girls aged 8-12, and so my secondary audience falls either side of that age bracket. I also have many teen girls following on social media and I absolutely love connecting with them all.

You have 4 beautiful daughters, tell me more…

Ah, thank you. They are pretty special girls, most of the time! Here’s a quick summary of their ages and stages:

Miss 11: Madly passionate about ballet and creative writing, she is a quiet achiever with a sensitive soul. She has many typical first-born traits such as being very conscientious and thoughtful.

Miss 10: My gorgeous second-born has a heart of gold. She is a highly sensitive empath who can get a little anxious at times but her confidence and resilience has skyrocketed this year!

Miss 8: The extrovert of the family. She loves drama and gymnastics and spends a large part of the day upside down. Another sensitive soul who cares very deeply about people and the planet.

Miss 4: My firecracker!!! Whoever said the fourth child would be “easy” (oh that’s right, me!) was deluded. She has a will of steel and a fiery spirit. She’s also hilariously funny and cute! Fourth and FINAL!

What resources do you offer your online community to help young girls thrive?

As the Founder of Girls Thriving I feel passionately about reaching as many Girl Mamas as possible. Girls Thriving provides practical support, tools and tips to parents to help support and empower girls. Sadly, due to Covid, all our in-person events had to be cancelled, so I have been running webinars, bake offs and other events virtually. I am particularly passionate about building resilience and confidence, so a lot of my material focuses on how we can help our girls develop the tools to help them THRIVE! I also share lots of book recommendations and tips for making social media and life “on-line” a really positive experience.

Before launching GIRLS THRIVING, what were you doing for work?

One of my very first “real jobs” was running events for a Youth Suicide Prevention charity. It was such meaningful work and I always wanted to return to working with youth. Most of my career has been in marketing/comms/events roles. Before having kids I worked for a global company running events across Asia and the US. I loved my job, but when I became a mother I knew it wasn’t going to work. I now work as a Social Media Strategist, Freelance Writer and Girl Mama Cheerleader!

Tell me about your Little Pick Me Up cards…

Well, my Little Pick-Me-Up cards are the result of the two most overused words of 2020. Covid. Pivot. When all my events got cancelled I decided to create a product that could help promote positivity and resilience. Two of my daughters struggle with anxiety and they were the inspiration behind these cards. Little Pick-Me-Up cards are affirmation cards aimed at building confidence, resilience and self-belief in primary school-aged children. The whimsical cards are beautifully illustrated and help children build a strong mindset and resilience from a young age.

As a busy mum of 4 girls, what are your top tips to staying sane and juggling ‘all the things?’

Oh gosh, the juggle/struggle is REAL! I am not sure I have any insightful tips as I am constantly dropping balls. But, in terms of staying sane(ish) I make it a priority to walk and get out in nature every single day. Exercise is crucial to my mental health and well-being. I get very edgy if I miss my daily walk. My husband will attest to this. As for the ultimate quest of “balance” I feel this is impossible to achieve. I aim for good enough and done is better than perfect in most areas of my life. Works for me!

And lastly, 5 fun facts about you…

  1. Your go-to comfort binge show? Hmmmm, I am not sure any of my binge shows classify as “comfort” as I am partial to some nordic noir and crime shows, lol. But recently I watched Love My Way (during lockdown) as I had missed it when it aired about 15 years ago, and I thought it was wonderful.
  2. Your last meal on earth would be? A spicy curry followed by Chocolate fondant for dessert. I am not sure that’s a harmonious match, but I love chilli and I love chocolate!
  3. My perfect day would start with a walk along the beach or bush and end with red wine, a cheese platter, open fireplace and then a good book in bed!
  4. Your first ever job was? Working the cashier at a service station. Full disclosure: I helped myself to quite a few Lindt balls during the evening shifts.
  5. One thing on my bucket list is TRAVEL. More travel. I’ve been to over 30 countries but there’s so much of the world I haven’t seen. A safari in Africa would be mind blowing!

P.S. Be sure you’re following Girls Thriving on Insta and Facebook for more tips on raising bold and brave girls.

Michaela is available to speak at schools and community groups about social media and how to help girls thrive. She is also available for media interviews.

If you have a special little lady in your life you’d like to spoil, head over to and enter SCOUT10 at the checkout to receive 10% discount off your next Little Pick-Me-Up card purchase.

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Danielle x


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