Simple tips + tricks to organise your pantry

Let’s talk pantries! Has organising your pantry been on your to-do list forever?

When life gets hectic, it becomes even more challenging to maintain an organised pantry. Especially if you have a large family who frequently visit it!

The good news is, it’s not as daunting as you think.

An organised pantry will not only make cooking easier, it will save you from buying duplicates of items you already have that are hidden away amongst the chaos.

Once your pantry is clutter free and organised, you will have a new appreciation for cooking and enjoying your kitchen. You’ll also waste less food because you will be able to see what you have. Writing your shopping list will be easy because you’ll be able to quickly and easily see what is running low as well. My clients have also found that their newly organised pantry has inspired them to cook and eat healthier meals. Win win!

Before you get started…

Visualise what your ideal pantry looks like. How would it make you feel? Once your desired outcome is crystal clear, it will be so much easier to motivate yourself to get started.

Ask yourself why you want to get organised and declutter your pantry?

Do you find it challenging and stressful to find what you’re looking for when cooking dinner each night? Why?

Ok…let’s get started.


  • Take a before photo.
  • Edit and declutter BEFORE you organise.
  • Schedule in a block of uninterrupted time (or multiple smaller blocks) to get started.
  • Remove distractions to ensure you work through the process efficiently and stay focussed.
  • Garbage bags.
  • Cleaning spray and cloth.

How to organise your pantry:

  1. Remove all pantry contents.
  2. Dispose of expired items.
  3. Wipe down shelves.
  4. Sort all like items into groups.
  5. Consolidate unopened packaged items into tubs + baskets.
  6. Decanter open packets into jars or containers.
  7. Set up and style your edited pantry.
  8. Donate unwanted items to a food bank.
  9. Take an AFTER photo.
  10. Enjoy your newly edited pantry!

My top tips:

  • Eliminate bulky packaging.
  • Use tiered shelves to maximise space.
  • Store everyday items on easy to reach shelves.
  • A lazy susan is a great way to store condiments that you access regularly.
  • Utilise the inside of the pantry door. Eg, a blackboard for your shopping list, hooks to hang shopping bags or aprons, hanging baskets to store sauces or spices.
  • Use containers and baskets you already have, tidying up doesn’t need to cost a fortune.
  • If you do purchase new containers, make sure you measure the space before you shop. Stick to one brand and ensure they are modular and stack easily to maximise space.
  • Label your containers so you know what’s in them.

Maintaining your edited pantry:

  • Meal plan for the week to ensure you use up what you already have, in particular close to expiring items.
  • Shop mindfully and intentionally.
  • Only buy what you need and use what you buy.
  • Have a designated home for everything. Put it back where you got it from.
  • Respect your pantry space limitations and do not over fill!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the current state of your pantry and would like a hand to give it a spring clean, please do not hesitate to reach out, I’d love to help you!

Email to book in a FREE 15 minute phone consultation.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Danielle x
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